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Making Life Easier For Highly Sensitive Children

Making life easier for highly sensitive children

Have you ever noticed the child who is in the corner of the classroom, hands over their ears, sinking into the wall?  Most likely, you have just seen a highly sensitive child.  Can you imagine each one of your senses on hyperdrive?  This is how a sensitive child’s system feels like!

Brenda Donkers, an advocate for highly sensitive children, explains further.  Imagine two children walk into the classroom to begin their day.  The first child (not sensitive) notices that her friends are laughing, runs over, sits on the ground —  barely noticing the noise and energy of the classroom — let alone the fact that his/her mom has just left.  The second child (sensitive) walks into the room and notices that there is a new backpack near her cubby, that the girl in the third row looks like she has been crying, and that it’s really loud and cold in the room. The energy of the excited children pulses through her veins and she fights to remain calm. She holds onto mom for dear life.  What a huge difference for the sensitive child!

While sensitive children are typically extremely compassionate, empathetic and talented when given proper support to help them manage their sensitivity traits, parents of sensitive children regularly struggle with finding methods, secrets, products, teachers, and doctors who might be able to help or understand.  It is not an easy job for these parents and here are some products that we think can help provide that support.

wrapeazeMake getting dressed to go outside easier.  Wrapeaze Adaptive Clothing includes a cozy fleece wrap and a rain poncho, both with easy-to-secure velcro closings.  It’s one-touch closure and soft material makes it perfect for highly sensitive children who may find traditional jackets and coats too binding or dislike putting things over their heads.




SandGoneRemove sand without tears.  Sandgone is a dry powder that, when applied to the skin, gently removes sand leaving your skin soft and smooth.  This white powder is both non-toxic and non-talc and the applicator is made from a soft, yet durable micro-fiber.  Sandgone’s easy and painless application makes it perfect for sensitive children who may be bothered by sand and sea salt on their skin. It can be used for easy clean up after the beach, sand box, or playground.


Veggie_MamaIntroduce a healthy and varied diet.  Veggie Mama‘s Garden Pops and Garden Jams are the perfect way to introduce healthier foods to picky eaters and sensitive children who struggle with new flavors and textures.  These treats combine fruits and vegetables into sweet and refreshing combinations.  Their Pops are packaged in disposable single-serving tubes, making them perfect for eating on the go.



Oops! SheetNever worry about accidents — at night or during the day.  Oops! Sheet and Oops! Underwear are a full line of waterproof bed sheets and linens, car seat liners, sleeping bag liners, and now underwear that are all made from machine washable, 100% cotton. Their underwear is made from soft bamboo with a waterproof membrane built into the fabric. Though completely waterproof, these undies feel and look like regular underwear and are the perfect solution for children who may be sensitive to the plastic-like feel and look of disposable underwear and traditional waterproof bedsheets.





Antsy_PantsTeach your child potty skills.  Antsy Pants are reusable pull-up diapers for full time diapering, potty training and overnight diapering. Their training pants fit children up to and over 30 pounds. They help teach potty skills with wetting feedback that keeps diapers feeling wet for around 7 minutes before they return to a dry feel on the surface. The top-quality, comfortable, leak-resistant and reusable pull-up diaper helps your child learn when it’s time to go potty with no stressful accidents.



Chocolate Brown SmartSeat Chair ProtectorAvoid the stress of mealtime mess.  SmartSeat Chair Protectors keep your chair upholstery stain-free and clean up easily.  Our waterproof seat covers are machine washable and easy to put on and take off.  They are made from a soft, toxin-free, medical grade fabric that snuggly attaches to the chair for a safe fit.  Perfect for mealtime, arts and crafts, or simply to create a smooth and irritation-free seat for your sensitive child.




Baby DipperMake self-feeding a breeze.  The Baby Dipper bowl is a contoured and transparent bowl with a non-slip base.  It’s overall shape and design make it easier for children with special needs or those with self-feeding issues to get food onto their spoons and into their mouths and helps to avoid mealtime frustrations.




BentoSchool_100Day.300x300Support and inspire your child with positivity, even when you can’t be with them.  Lunchbox Love for Kids are positive notes and fun trivia for your child’s lunchbox, backpack, or binder. Share these positive messages with your kids to brighten their day and have a positive effect on their mental and physical health.





Eco_NutsClean your laundry naturally.  Eco Nuts Soap Nuts is a natural laundry detergent.  Made with the saponin berry, Eco Nuts doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, is certified USDA organic with 100% plant-based ingredients, and minimizes exposure to harsh chemical ingredients, fumes, and fragrances.  Eco Nuts is also gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies and psoriasis.



Parking_Pal_Magnet_Keep your child safe while running errands.  The Parking Pal Magnet is a inexpensive and reusable magnet specifically designed with bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small palm where children will love to place their hand.  Parking lots can be dangerous, even fatal for children. As parents, we are easily distracted….tending to a sibling, rifling for keys,loading or unloading a baby.  The Parking Pal makes it easy for your child to remain safely next to your vehicle while you are loading and unloading your car.  It’s clear, visual image is perfect for all children, including those with learning challenges and processing disorders.



buzzyTake the sting out of shots and boo boos quickly and without chemicals. Buzzy is an award-winning reusable device used by children and adults alike to block pain. Originally intended to reduce needle pain during injections, Buzzy is now being used for everything from removing splinters to burns, eczema itching, botox and tattoos, tattoo removal and laser hair removal, tick removal and more. Buzzy’s technology consists of a high frequency/low amplitude vibrating motor and a unique reusable wing-shaped ice pack for natural pain relief. It works by desensitizing the body’s nerves and dulling sharp pains. Also available are Buzzy DistrACTION cards which can be used with Buzzy or on their own to help keep kids distracted and occupied whether at the doctor’s office or a long trip in the car.

Hello_beachGive your child the tools to explore. Hello Beach treasures totes encourage creative exploration of the natural world and promote healthy development for kids. Suitable for children with processing disorders, autism, or simply a healthy sense of wonder in the outside world, these bags enhance your child’s fine motor skills, focus and attention, and cognitive and sensory development.




FTWSmallLogoSoothe your child’s fears with natural, aromatherapy sprays.  Fairytale Wishes offers several all-natural sprays designed to help your children overcome common childhood anxieties such as sleeplessness, fear of monsters under the bed, separation anxiety, and fear of going to the doctor. Each bottle comes with a mini fairytale written by the Magic Fairytale Wishes Frog, Freddy, that explains why each particular scent will help kids overcome their fear.  These sprays are the perfect way to give your child the strength to overcome their fears without medication.

Would you like to learn more about raising a sensitive child?  Brenda Donkers is the Founder and former CEO of Pump It Up Parties at Pump It Up. She now is a child advocate, helping parents of highly sensitive children learn to manage their gifts.  Brenda is also a Reiki practitioner and currently lives in California with her family.  For additional information about Brenda and her services, please visit her website,

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