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Neat eats.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  I believe that is true.  I invented my SmartSeat Chair Protectors because I couldn’t find a waterproof seat cover that I liked.  Similarly, Barbara Schantz invented the Baby Dipper Bowl because she couldn’t find a bowl that allowed for easy, one-handed feeding.  After her twin girls were born, she thought that there had to be a better option than what she could find in the market.  And when she couldn’t find any bowls that she liked, she took it upon herself to create one.


The Baby Dipper Bowl has a unique design that allows for easy one-handed and self-feeding.  With a non-slip base, a deep, contoured interior, and spoon-shaped corner, caretakers and young kids can easily scoop pureed foods and cereals.  No more pushing the bowl around the tray or tipping it to the side to get to the food.  The shape of the bowl allows the user to scoop up food with ease.  Additionally, the Baby Dipper bowl is BPA, lead, and Phthalate free, which means that the only thing getting into your kid is the wholesome food that you prepare.


You can learn more about the Baby Dipper Bowl on their website and Facebook page.  You’ll also find them on Twitter!

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