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Passover Tables: Decorations and Settings for a Beautiful Seder


Spring is here and with it comes planning for Passover. Passover or Pesach, a celebration of freedom, is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar. Whether you’re Jewish or simply wanting to introduce your children to other cultures, you can find TONS of information on Passover and Seder preparations at



Every good host wants to set out a feast for their guests.  Did you know that even the simplest of meals can look grand on a table that is decorated with thoughtfulness, intention and of course, elegance?

Here are 6 great ideas to inspire you to create a Seder table and a Passover celebration that everyone will love:

1.  Consider the use of simple spring centerpieces that for your Seder table that highlight YOU and the beauty of Spring.  The Jewish Hostess has 10 gorgeous centerpiece ideas including bunches of bright colors and blooms and easy-to-make fruit topiaries.

2.  Find simple, yet elegant ideas to decorate and entertain with. From the Seder Plate to Passover Menus, Martha Stewart has everything that you will need for your Seder meal.

3.  Decorate your Seder table using eHow‘s step-by-step guide.  This guide includes tips for ensuring that the dining room table is kosher to adding Passover party favors and other small details.

4.  Set out a Traditional Seder Plate.  Women’s Forum will help you understand the significance behind every item on the Seder plate and how to put it together perfectly.

5. Involve the kids in decorating for Passover! Check out this amazing collection of crafts and Passover decorations from  You’ll find it all here — from making a Passover-themed vase to making Matzoh people.

6.  And finally, consider protecting your chair upholstery with the SmartSeat Chair Protector.  Our waterproof seat covers will keep any spilled wine and grape juice from permanently staining your chairs.

How will YOU be decorating your Seder table? Share with us in the SmartSeat Cover communities on Facebook and Twitter.

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