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Product that I wish I had when my son was younger.

Photobucket Interested in reading another review of the SmartSeat Chair Protector?  Then swing by Live, Laugh, Love where Tara wrote about her experience with the SmartSeat Chair Protector and her four year old son.

Tara writes, “Anyone who has eaten with a toddler knows it can be a messy experience.  There are times when more food gets spread out around than actually inside their bellies.  I speak from experience. . . .We did have one of those booster chairs that strapped onto a wooden chair or the chair itself, or the table.  Let me tell you.  When we removed the booster for a cleaning, the stuff under the seat and caked to the chair was quite nasty. . . If you have kids… this product is fabulous.”

Read Tara’s full review and make sure that you that you tell her that SmartSeat Chair Protectors sent you!

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