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Products For Elder Care And More

Products for elder care and more

SmartSeat Chair Protectors were originally designed with young children in mind.  However, over the years that we’ve been selling our product, we discovered that customers have been using them in ways that we never originally anticipated.  One of the most pleasant surprises for us has been in the elder care market.  Our covers have been used at assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other institutional settings where people were looking for discreet, waterproof protection for dining room chairs, recliners, and other seating.

There are many other mom-invented products that share this story: Though originally designed for use with young children or families with kids, these products have found a niche in the elder care market too.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Quick SplitThe Quick Split  is a portable food cutter with a cover for baby and toddler feeding.  It allows you to instantly cut your food into safe, bite size pieces when you are out to eat.  Though originally designed to be thrown into a diaper bag and used for young children, the Quick Split is also a great gadget for the elderly who may no longer have the dexterity to use a fork and knife with ease.






Oops! SheetOops! Sheets and Oops! Bamboo Undies  The Oops! products are a full line of waterproof bed sheets and linens, car seat liners, sleeping bag liners, and now underwear that are all made from machine washable, 100% cotton.  Like the SmartSeat, these products were originally conceived for use with families with young children — in cribs, on toddler’s beds, or on family beds shared by adults and kids alike.  But like the SmartSeat, the Oops! family of products are perfect for elder adults who may suffer from mild incontinence.  These products offer a discreet way to product mattresses from urine and other liquids.






4Containers1OpenSmallEasy Lunch Boxes is a portable food storage system that comes with compartmentalized food containers and an insulated carrying case.  As the name implies, Easy Lunch Boxes were originally created to be used when packing lunch.  But these freezer and dishwasher safe containers can also be used to transport and store prepared meals for elder relatives or neighbors.  The large containers are deep enough to pack a lot of food and the loose-fitting lids can be removed easily, even by someone with arthritic fingers.




StrawlutionThe Straw-lution Straw makes a variety of cups and food containers less messy and more portable because the straw stays put once it is put in.  These BPA-free straws were created to make soft foods and beverages easier to eat and drink on the go, with less mess. Originally invented by a mom who wished to increase her children’s independence, these straws can also increase the independence of the elderly and others who may need feeding assistance.





Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 10.46.05 AM


Joe Jackets are reusable, insulated drink sleeves.  These stylish sleeves insulate hot and cold cups, acrylic & steel tumblers, large water bottles, pint size regular mouth canning jars and sports drinks.  Though Joe Jackets started off as a unique and fashionable eco-conscious product, the soft neoprene also provides grip on glasses and other beverage containers, making it perfect for elderly who lack hand strength or have trembling hands.







The Original Wrapeaze is a hooded wrap that can be put on quickly and easily-with one hand.  It was designed to be used on babies and young children — it eliminates wrestling with little arms and sleeves and the need to adjust around car seat straps.  Wrapeaze now offers Wrapeaze Rain Wraps too.  Though created out of sheer necessity by a mother with young boys, Wrapeaze has also expanded its products to include adult sizes.  Adult-sized Wrapeaze wraps are perfect for anyone with limited mobility: putting on and taking off a Wrapeaze requires less range of motion than a regular coat and has simple velcro closures that are easier to use than snaps, buttons, and zippers.  Additionally, unlike bulky jackets, the wraps drape over the backs of wheelchairs, walkers and scooter and leave the wearer’s hands easily accessible.


Baby DipperThe Baby Dipper Bowl is a  triangular-shaped Baby Dipper bowl that enables one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding easy for toddlers.  Its contoured interior make it easier for the user — both toddlers and adults — to scoop food onto the spoon.  The non-slip base keeps the bowl from being easily pushed around and keeps food on the table where it belongs.  The Baby Dipper Bowl was developed by a mom of two sets of twins, but can also be used for easier self-feeding by elder individuals who suffer from tremors and hand-shaking that may make traditional bowls and plates impractical.




Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 7.12.37 PMThe Wizor is a wall-mounted tool that makes cutting things fast, simple and safe.  Its small size makes it perfect for many household locations including the kitchen, the laundry room, the crafting room, and the garage.  The Wizor’s built-in blades cut tags and threads without damaging clothes (or fingers).  And its easy-to-use design makes it perfect for those individuals with hand injuries, disabilities, or those such as the elderly who may lack sufficient hand strength or dexterity to competently use scissors.





Grumpy-Banner-1-Grumpy Tags are laminated, washable labels specifically made for  elders’ belongings in retirement, nursing and assisted living centers. A twist on the labels designed for kids’ items, Grumpy Tags are great for everything that can get lost in a care facility, including clothing, towels, bathrobes, bedding, footwear, jackets, food containers, pillboxes, walkers, canes, books and more.



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