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Scared of shots?

My oldest is terrified of getting shots.  As he has gotten older (and bigger), the task of holding him down so that the nurses could safely give him an injection has gotten much more difficult.  Fortunately, they now have the nasal spray flu vaccine.  But this summer, he will be due for a host of new vaccinations that are only available the old fashion way.  So what will I do?

This year I’m investing in Buzzy for Pain Relief.  This clever device allows you to numb the area prior to receiving a shot using natural pain relief.  “His wings are icy cold, and his tummy vibrates when you touch his head.  This confuses your body’s nerves to block sharp feelings, just like rubbing a bumped elbow helps stop the hurt, or cool running water soothes a burn.  When you put Buzzy near a poke, burn, or other minor sharp pain, you mostly feel Buzzy doing his thing.”  Learn more about Buzzy and how it works.  I think that it is simply brilliant!

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