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Sew Your Own Chair Covers!

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Chair covers are a must-have — not only because they help keep your precious dining chairs clean — but also because they’re a quick way to revamp tired-looking chairs.  Two weeks ago, we discussed the different types of chair covers that are available to purchase.  If you’d like to make your own, here are 5 classic styles to consider:


1.  Chair Slipcovers are a Timeless Classic

Slipcovers are a classic that always look good and are a simple sewing project. This tutorial by All Free Sewing will walk you through the steps to create a loose, flowy and casual-style dining chair slip cover over the weekend.

2.  A Butterfly Chair Cover is Easy-to-Make

Butterfly chairs are retro chic and it is easy to make a cover for them if you want to give them a quick makeover.  This tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on this pattern and will help you overhaul that butterfly chair in the lounge in next to no time.

3.  Add a Touch of Jazz With Chair Back Covers

If you don’t want to go the whole hog, check out this tutorial to make smart and stylish chair back covers for your dining chairs.  Straight back chairs can get a whole new look instantly with back covers that are coordinated with the rest of the dining room. You can even do this to that boring straight-backed office chair and make working a pleasure!

4.  Need More Choice? 25 Chair Covers and Backs to Choose From

If you need more ideas and inspiration, check out these 25 chair cover and back cover ideas. You’re bound to find something that will peak your interest and get you to give all the chairs in the house a spiffy makeover. Ready?

5.  Looking for Something Simpler? Smart Seat Chair Protectors Do Double Duty

Finally, one of the classics that you can never go wrong with is SmartSeat Chair Protectors.  Our covers don’t require any sewing and do double duty. They look great AND they keep your chairs safe from stains and spills. Wipe clean and ta-dah, you’re done!

Chair covers are a simple and low-cost way of adding a touch of new and a splash of color to your home. With Spring around the corner, if you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to redecorate, why not start with creating some classic chair covers today!

Do YOU have a favorite chair cover pattern? Join us in the Smart Seat community on Facebook and Twitter and share!

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