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Spring Cleaning Checklists, Tips, and Tricks

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April showers bring May flowers.  And May flowers bring on that urge to clean.  Yeah, you know what we’re talking about: Spring Cleaning.

Are you dreading that task?  Here are some of the best, free spring cleaning checklists and tips to help you keep your cool while you breeze through your work, easy-peasy.

1.  Summer Cleaning Chore Checklist by Organized Home

This summer cleaning chore checklist tackles outside tasks, such as pest control and gutter cleaning.  It also offers guidance on inside tasks, such as checking the washing machine hoses and how to hold a successful garage sale.


2.  Summer Cleaning Checklist by Mrs. Clean

This checklist has both indoor and outdoor cleaning chores. It will remind you to clean and flip the mattresses, sort through the pantry, clean the deck, as well as other summer chores.

3.  Cool Cleaning Tips and Tricks by Right @ Home

The folks at Right @ Home know a thing or two about keeping the house clean and their tips on cleaning home during the warm months are just what you need. From dehumidifying to getting filters that will keep the dust out while letting the cool air in, you’ll find tips for everything.

4.  Summer Cleaning Checklist by The Maids

This cleaning checklist is simple yet functional and keeps the focus on the outdoors.  Areas to tackle include the deck, the barbeque, and the air conditioning.

5.  Cleaning Tips for Summer Stains by Home Made Simple

Spring and summer mean sunscreen, ice cream and grassy greens. All these things are apt to cause stains. Luckily for you, the folks at Home Made Simple have stain removal tips for all warm weather stains. Print out a copy and keep it handy along with your other stain removal checklist.  And remember, you can always cover your chairs with our SmartSeat covers to help prevent stains in the first place!

Are you ready for Spring and Summer?  Let us know what your most dreaded spring cleaning chore is.  Send us a tweet, @SmartSeatCover, or drop us a note on our Facebook page.

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