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The difference between boys and girls.

I love this article detailing a study involving chimpanzees.  I love it because I found it through Avant Garde Parenting, one of my all-time favorite parenting sites.  I also love it because reading about quirky scientific studies is one of my quirky husband’s favorite past times.  Interestingly, I recall my husband telling me about another study involving chimpanzees and toys.  In that study, researchers gave chimps a truck (a stereotypical boy toy), a doll (a stereotypical girl toy), and a ball (a gender neutral toy).  The boy chimps tended to play with the truck, the girl chimps tended to play with the doll, and all of the chimps played equal amounts with the ball.  I don’t think that any of this would surprise the parents of preschool aged children who are deep in the process of defining what it means to be a boy or girl.

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