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The Dining Room-Home Office Combo: Quick Tips to Make It Work

One of the truths about being a small business owner is that more often than not our dining room doubles as a home office.  So, how do you keep such a clutter-prone and mess-magnet area clean?  Here are some simple cleaning and organizing tips to keep your dining room home office mess-free:

Use Your Storage Smartly

A home office usually needs, and has, a lots of files, folders, papers, charts, and gadgets. Make sure you have adequate storage for these in the form of drawers, bookshelves and/or a cabinet.  Find storage options that match the décor of your dining room so that everything blends well. Further organizing that storage with baskets, boxes and labels will help you find everything you need when you need it.

Use Other Rooms Too

Keep computer printers/scanners/copiers in a different by nearby room, and print using wi-fi or bluetooth.  Use a cordless phone with the base kept in a different room, such as the kitchen or living room.  When using the office, just carry the handset in with you.

Make Surfaces Easy-to-Clean

Cleaning up an ink spill or a wiping off a toddler’s handprints from a dining chair before you have a client drop in can be stressful and embarrassing. Having easy-to-clean surfaces for both the dining table and chairs can help you keep a clean home office dining room.  Using a wipe-clean tablecloth and Smart Seat Chair Protectors during meals will make cleanups fast and stress-free.

Think Mobile

Keep loose office supplies on a tray, so when it’s time to clean up for a dinner party, you can just pick the tray up and hide the entire thing in a cabinet or drawer.  Keep files in a hanging file rack on wheels.  To clean up, just wheel the unit into a closet or other room.  Presto – all clutter is hidden in a few seconds.

Clean Up When You Finish Up

Want to sit down at a clean breakfast table in the morning?  Make sure you clear up your work once you finish for the day. Similarly, make sure you clear the table after each meal so that the table is ready to be used as your work desk.

A dining room can easily double up as a home office with just a little planning and a few essentials.  So, go ahead and create a dining room home office that’ll bring the family together while building your business.  Do you work out of your dining room?  Join the Smart Seat Chair Protector community on Facebook and Twitter, and share your home office photos with us!

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