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The Essential Guide to Stain-Free Dining Room Decor: How to Keep Your Dining Table and Chairs Free of Stains

Keeping a dining room free of stains and spills is probably the most difficult housekeeping challenge. However, it is not only possible but also quite simple to have a stain-free set of dining table and chairs. No, you don’t have to stop entertaining or inviting friends over. All you need are the right tools and some good habits.  Ready to get started?

1.  Dust Your Table and Chairs Often

Dusting your table and chairs with a soft, clean cloth will not only keep your dining room décor looking gorgeous, but will also prevent dust from settling into grooves or becoming a ‘stain’ by mixing with a food or water spill.

2.  Deal with Stains Right Away

Spills become stains when we let them sit for too long. Mopping up a spill will hardly take a minute and if you know how to deal with most stains, you’ll be able to reduce the damage when a guest spills red wine on the table.  Need help with stain removal? Here is an A-Z guide from the folks at Good Housekeeping.

3.  Stain Protection for Spotless Carpets

If you have a carpet in your dining room, giving it a stain protection treatment will help keep it clean and spotless easily and without much effort. Nevertheless, follow the basic rules of mopping up spills instantly as well as brushing or vacuuming regularly to get dust, dirt and food particles out of it.

4.  Placemats and Coasters for Stain-Free Tables

You know how you cringe when someone places a glass of juice dripping condensation on your wooden table, leaving a watermark behind? Prevent that by giving guests coasters and placemats for their plates and glasses. Placemats will also prevent food spills from staining the table while coasters will keep watermarks at bay.

5.  Chair Protectors for Stain-Free Chairs

Dining room chairs are probably the hardest hit. You have grubby handprints left by spaghetti-eating toddlers. Probably, a paw print from a hungry puppy looking for tidbits at the table. And of course, the occasional spill of gravy on the chair as guests serves themselves at your lunch buffet.  Yes, dining room chairs can be extremely stain-prone and reupholstering them every year is not something one wants to do, right?

So, make sure you protect them just as you protect the table with our Smart Seat Chair Protectors and make spills and stains easy to wipe and clean.

Keeping dining room décor free of stains doesn’t require expensive equipment or fancy tools. All it needs is the good habit of mopping spills quickly and using some basic housekeeping essentials. So, go ahead, and entertain this holiday season without the free of messing up your dining room holding you back.

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