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The Fuss-Free Guide to Stain-Free Surfaces

If you have kids or pets, keeping the home and a host of surfaces free of stains isn’t an easy job. You have muddy foot/paw prints, sticky hands, and food and beverage spills to deal with pretty much on an everyday basis. So, how can one have a stain-free home without getting stressed out and overwhelmed?

Here is our fuss-free 3-step guide to stain-free surfaces:

1.  Clean As You Go

First things first, always clean as you go. This will not only leave you with cleaner surfaces at the end of a project but also prevent stains from setting. Whether it is in the kitchen as you bake up a storm or on the craft table as you paint and glue with the kids. Keep a few rags and a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaning spray handy will save you a lot of stress and scrubbing later on.

Cleaning as you go or as soon as you finish is also a great way to keep floors, carpets and other stain prone areas free of spots and marks.

2.  Know How to Get Stains Out

Even if you clean as you go, you will occasionally get a stain on something, so you need to know how to get stains out. We recommend printing out a stain removal guide for different types of stains and surfaces and keeping it handy. Hang it up on a hook in the cleaning supplies cabinet so you’ll always be able to grab it while you’re getting your stain removal kit out.  Knowing how to get common stains like, red wine, gravy, mud and paint will save you a LOT of fuss and stress when cleaning up.

3.  Have Stain Resistant Surfaces

Finally, make sure that you have stain-resistant surfaces, especially for heavy traffic areas such as the family room, dining room, kitchen and kids’ rooms. Do check out our essential guide to stain-free dining room décor. Covering up chairs in frequently used rooms with the Smart Seat Chair Protectors, using wipe clean mats on tables, and replacing carpets with machine washable rugs are all easy ways to create stain-free surfaces in the home without busting the budget or making it tough on family members.

So go ahead — create a home where stains don’t last long and lose the stress of scrubbing and cleaning easily and economically.

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