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The Quick and Easy Guide to Buying Sofa Slip Covers: Five Steps to Buy Covers for Your Couch

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You know how you sometimes want to give your living room or family den a makeover but the budget doesn’t allow you to?  Yeah, we feel that way too.  A lot.

However, there is an easy and quick way to give your favorite room a design re-do by getting some cool slip covers that not only protect your precious sofa but also add a dash of color and freshness to your décor.


Here is how to buy the best slipcover for your couch this season:

1.  Measure it Right

Begin by taking out your tape measure and noting the proper length, width and height of your couch.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when measuring:

  • Measure depth from the back edge of the couch to the front edge of the seat.
  • Measure the highest point on the back.
  • Note the longest distance between the outside edges of both the arms.
  • Write down the measurements and if possible, note them in both inches and centimeters.
  • Always measure twice.

2.  Styling Your Sofa

Slipcovers for your sofa come in the following main styles:

  • Flat Slipcovers:  These are easy to “put” on the sofa and you can just tuck them in to “fit” them. However, these are more likely to come undone and end up looking messy.
  • Fitted Slipcovers: These come with pre-made pockets for the arms and sometimes with separate covers for the cushions. It make take a bit more time to put on the fitted cover but the overall look is longer-lasting and neater.
  • Stretch Slipcovers: These have more room or stretch in them and are easier to put on awkwardly shaped couches.
  • Tie Slipcovers: These slipcovers have ties that can be used to adjust them.
  • Specialty Slipcovers: These covers are specially made for couches such as recliners, wingback chairs, etc.

You can also look for other style elements such as zippers, a lovely skirt as well as pay attention to the patterning and colors of the covers.

3.  Material Matters

Slipcovers for sofas and couches come in a range of materials. Whether you choose canvas or a spandex blend, think about the traffic that your couch will be getting. For sofas that are in rooms with heavy traffic, canvas, twill or heavy-duty cotton or denim will be good bets. A formal living room can use suede, silk, polyester or even, wool for an elegant and classy look.

4.  Cost and Maintenance

Finally, consider the cost of the covers so that they don’t eat into your budget.  Scout online stores as well as your favorite furnishing stores so that you can get covers on sale or mix and match.

Maintenance also plays a key role. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on dry cleaning covers, if you have pets and small kids at home. In fact, you can pair your couch cover with a SmartSeat Chair Protector to give it additional style and better protection from stains and spills.


Sofa slipcovers are a wonderful way to create an all-new look in a matter of minutes and without breaking the bank. Go ahead, bring out that tape measure, and get redecorating now!

Have you used sofa slipcovers to redecorate?  Join us in the Smart Seat Cover community on Facebook and Twitter and share your tips! We’d love to hear from you.

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