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The Seat Cover Conundrum

Our friends keep on asking why we felt the need to make our own seat covers.  Their comment goes something like this: “We love your product but why did you have to create it.  Surely you could have found something out there already”.  The answer is yes and no.  Yes there are products out there but none of them filled our needs.

What we found as we looked and looked and looked was that there are a lot of plastic covers for dining room chairs.  They are excellent at keeping the chairs clean but our kids (and their friends) wouldn’t sit on them willingly.  When we finally got them on the covers, they tended to slide right off.  And that was when we could find a way to keep the cover tied to the chair.  The ties seemed to work loose no matter how hard we tried.  So, after a lot of tears and frustration we gave up with plastic.

At that point we started looking at slip covers.  The first problem was that the vast majority of slip covers are not waterproof so spills of things like grape juice were going to seep through to our beautiful chairs.  The fact that we like our chairs was the final kicker: we just didn’t want to have to cover them up and change the look of our dining room with a slip cover.  Putting a slipcover on and taking it off is a hassle so we couldn’t really bring it out when the occasion required it.

We thought that there had to be a way to get something that was waterproof, comfortable, non-slippery and wouldn’t change the look of the dining room.  We couldn’t find anything so we made the SmartSeat figuring that someone else might be on the lookout for something like this too.  Hope it works for you.

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