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The SmartSeat Chair Protector is great for kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

When my son was a baby, and well into his toddler years, he was super sensitive to touch, sounds, and smells.  As a baby, there wasn’t a lot of cuddling or snuggles.  The extra touching seemed to aggravate him more than it calmed him down.  As a toddler, he refused to wear anything that wasn’t made from soft, comfortable fabric.  And if it had a tag — forget about it!  If we tried to join a group of friends going to see a kids musician perform, I would be the one outside the auditorium walking with my son.  The noise, the kids, the chaos of the performance — it was all too much to handle.  Plus, with a ton of energy to burn, he wouldn’t willing sit through a show anyway. 
Though we never received an official diagnosis, I’d venture to guess that my son had a sensory processing disorder.  When I was designing the SmartSeat Chair Protector, I had my own kids in mind.  I remembered how difficult it was to get my son to sit on a towel or a plastic seat cover.  He hated the way that they felt and the noises that they made. 
The SmartSeat Chair Protector is great for kids with sensory processing disorders because it is made from a super soft and comfortable fabric.  Because it isn’t made of plastic or vinyl, it won’t squeak when they move or stick to bare skin.  It also has no exposed tags that can irritate sensitive kids.  The SmartSeat Chair Protector also fits snuggly around the chair seat, making it is safe for squirmy and active children.
For more information about sensory processing disorder in children, read this lovely article by 60 Second Parent.  It gives a straight-forward explanation of sensory processing disorder and how it manifests in children.

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